Facebook Event Calendar

Subscribe to a subset of your Facebook events using ical

Facebook provides a way to export and sync all your events to a third party calendar application such as Google Calendar. However they include events you have not yet responded to which can fill up your calendar pretty quickly if you get invited to a lot of events.

This service acts a filter between facebook and your calendar and you can choose to filter out events you don't want. If you want to filter events in some other way or have some other feature request etc, let me know on Google+ or Twitter.

To get your facebook calendar link follow these instructions. Your calendar link should look something like this webcal://www.facebook.com/ical/u.php?uid=1645531053&key=AQDdB7kP2hjd14uh

Subscribe to this calendar in Google Calendar or a similar application

If you have a feature request or have found a bug you can post an issue on github.